The site for your daily writing

Keep a private journal and see your own unique perspective.

idazki means written text, the thing that is written, a collection of writings.

idazki is the place in which you can write your diary, your daily notes, your thoughts, your small wins, ..., the place to write everything you want to remember.

Write it once, read it a million times.

A daily note is a text written for a specific day. Once written, the text is attached to that day. It does not have to be the current day, that is, you can write a note to save something that happened on a day that has already passed. The important thing is that the content of that note is forever linked to that day in question, and you can consult it later.

On one hand, writing a daily note allows you to write down something that at that moment has caught your attention, something that you want to put down in writing, something that you do not want to forget.

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