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A sequence of "days"

Write down every day the things that are important for you, your feelings, your progress, your tasks done and access to them everywhere you are, easily and fast.

How do you remember what you did and what you felt last week? and last month, and last year?

Your data is private to you

You and only you own your data. Your data is private and protected. Only you can see, add, change or delete your data at any time.

Don’t forget to save what is meaningful for you.

The Power of Small Wins at your hands

Day by day, you will have a feeling of moving forward. Making your progress visible for you by writing it down will help you make use of the progress principle.

Don’t forget to write the things you want to remember.

Group your progress by topics

See your pending and finished tasks grouped by topic, and complete at least one task every day. It helps you to be more focused and achieve your goals.

It helps you to decide if it's time to change

By seeing your status and evolution by day, and your statistics by month, if most of the days are normal or bad, maybe it's time to change something in your life.

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