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  • Keeping a Journal Can Help Your Career

    There’s little value in going through experiences, both good and bad, if you can’t learn from them. So, whether you totally nailed a client meeting or totally stumbled through a presentation, don’t forget to take note of the lesson.

    By writing down what you’ve been through, noting what worked and what didn’t, and analyzing what might help you in the future, you’ll set yourself up for much greater professional success.

    A private, a daily record of your experiences and observations at work, is an unexpectedly great way to help you work through issues, analyze where you’re at in your job, and grow in your career.

    Keeping a regular work diary, which took no more than ten minutes a day, gives you a new perspective on yourself as professional and what you need to improve.

    January 18, 2020
daily notes
Do you remember what you did last week? and what about how you felt? and last month? and last year?. Don’t forget to write what is meaningful for you.
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